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Simple and user friendly, E-Mail Server is a robust, high-performance SMTP/POP3 server program. It can be used as a local POP3/SMTP server for your corporation or as a desktop application on your laptop or desktop. Its unique blend of features allows you to send mail from any mail client (complaint with SMTP protocol). It will accept, forward, store and deliver mail on behalf of your users in a corporate environment or just you. Your users can receive their messages using POP3 and you have a very fine granular control over who can send messages, who can receive them and how big is their mail box. Take your entire domain down for maintenance with a click of one button and manage your large mailing lists. No matter if you have a big or small list of users, you can distribute separate, personalized message to each one of them with ease. Control multiple parameters of your server to prevent any malicious attacks or unauthorized use of your server. Filter out spammers even before they start sending you a message by use of latest real time blocking (RBL or DNSBL) that filters out most spammers at the source.

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